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Switching Mortgages

Switching your mortgage is likely your largest outgoing expense, so ensuring you’re not paying more than necessary is crucial. Why Switching Your Mortgage Is a Smart Move can unlock significant savings and benefits.

Here’s why you should consider making the switch and how we, as your friendly and informative mortgage broker, can assist you in the process.

Why Consider Switching?

Lower Interest Rate, More Savings:

By switching, you can secure a lower interest rate, potentially saving you thousands over the life of your mortgage.

Cashback Offers:

Some lenders provide cashback incentives to cover or assist with the cost of switching, further sweetening the deal for you.

What Matters Most to You? Consider what aspects of a mortgage are essential to you as a customer:

Lowest Rate:

Seeking the lowest possible interest rate to minimize your monthly payments.

Longest Fixed Term for Stability:

Opting for a long-term fixed rate to provide stability and predictability.


Having the flexibility to overpay your mortgage to pay it off sooner.
Equity Release: Tapping into your home equity for financial needs.


Taking advantage of cashback offers to offset switching costs.

How We Can Help: As your trusted mortgage broker, we’re here to simplify the process and ensure you get the best deal:

Market Research:

We scour the market to find the most suitable rate tailored to your needs.

Free Service:

Our service comes at no cost or hidden fees for straight switchers, making it a hassle-free experience.

Clear Communication:

Dealing with banks can be daunting; we break down complex terms into easy-to-understand language.

Access to Solicitors:

If you need legal assistance, we have a panel of solicitors ready to help.

Getting Started: To kickstart the process, here are some essential questions to consider:


The current value of your property.


The outstanding balance on your mortgage.

Remaining Term:

The remaining duration of your mortgage.

Energy Rating:

Details about your property’s energy efficiency.

Current/Roll-off Rate:

Your current interest rate or when your fixed rate ends.

Overall Thoughts:

Switching your mortgage can unlock significant savings and benefits, providing you with more financial flexibility and peace of mind. With our expertise and support, making the switch is easier than ever. Reach out to us today to explore your options and start saving!

For further insights into mortgage market trends and interest rates, consider exploring reports from the Central Bank of Ireland, which offer valuable information on mortgage-related developments. Additionally, articles from reputable sources like The Irish Times, RTE, or can provide current news and analysis on mortgage-related topics.

Stephen Hamilton

Stephen Hamilton offers expert mortgage insights and solutions, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.