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Looking to Switch your Mortgage?

If you are considering a switcher mortgage / remortgage in Ireland but you are not sure about how to get the best deal and when to switch, then MortgageLine is here for you.

It is as simple as this, a switcher mortgage should save you money. A mortgage broker can help to save you money by finding a deal with a cheaper interest rate to reduce your monthly repayments.

MortgageLine works with mortgage customers all over Ireland from our base in Dublin.

Read on to learn:

  • What is a remortgage?
  • What does remortgaging mean?
  • Things to consider
  • When is a good time to think about a remortgage?

What is a Remortgage?

A remortgage is when you take out a new mortgage on a property that you already own. With rising mortgage interest rates, switching mortgages has become very popular as people try to save money.

For most people, a mortgage is the largest financial commitment they will have. In the same way that you might search for the best deal on a new car, it makes sense to review your mortgage every few years to make sure you are not paying too much.

Our friendly mortgage advisers love talking about remortgages and have the knowledge of the options available to you.

What does Remortgaging mean?

Remortgaging is the process of renewing your mortgage, either when your current deal is about to expire or because you want to find a cheaper or more flexible mortgage.

Lots of mortgage products have a fixed interest rate that is set for a fixed period, most commonly 2, 3 or 5 years.

After this period ends, the mortgage interest rate reverts to the lender’s standard variable rate or SVR and this is when mortgage repayments can become expensive. Getting a remortgage to a lower interest rate can reduce the amount of interest you pay and could lower your monthly repayments.

A mortgage is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll ever make, so it makes sense to keep checking that you’ve got the best deal. Over time your circumstances can change and so remortgaging to a different deal or mortgage provider can make sense and give you the flexibility or change in terms and conditions that you’re looking for to fit in with your lifestyle. If you need advice or are concerned about switching mortgage Ireland, hiring us would be an appropriate decision.


Things to consider before Remortgaging

Things to consider before remortgage ireland - switch mortgage - switcher mortgage - bank of ireland switcherThere are always costs involved with a remortgage and these need to be taken into account when considering whether remortgaging will be beneficial.

You may have to pay an early repayment charge to your existing lender if you remortgage.

If you are currently in a fixed rate deal that has not yet finished then you will probably be subject to payment of a fixed rate penalty. This penalty is usually up to 6 months mortgage interest. This can vary from lender to lender and will also depend upon how long your fixed rate has left to run.

If you want to release equity from your property to get a lump sum for home improvements then this means you will be increasing the overall amount you are borrowing. This will therefore mean a rise in your mortgage payments. However if you are doing home improvements then hopefully these will also increase the value of the property and so will have a positive effect on your LTV and snag you a better interest rate.

A remortgage to consolidate expensive short term debts might be right for you but you should do your sums carefully. Remortgaging may seem attractive as mortgages have relatively low interest rates when compared to credit cards or loans but borrowing over a long period may cost more in the long term.

The Financial Benefits of Switching Mortgage You Can Get with Us! Help

Switching mortgages is a smart move that many homeowners don’t think about. But for us at our company, it’s a great way to help our customers manage their finances better. We provide switching mortgage advice and broker services. Here’s how you can get benefits with us:

  • We negotiate on your behalf to secure lower interest rates and better terms with lenders. This means you can save money every month, so you don’t have to worry as much about paying bills and can spend more on the things you love.
  • Plus, with all the competitive offers, like cashback, you can get immediate relief and even make home improvements without draining your savings.

From our first meeting to the moment you make the switch, our advisers make sure the process is smooth and hassle-free.

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When is a good time to think

about a remortgage?

Your fixed rate is coming to an end

If you have a fixed interest rate or discount mortgage deal then this will come to an end after a fixed amount of time.

A good time to start searching for a new deal is 3 to 6 months before the end of your current deal. You want to give yourself plenty of time.

You have a standard variable rate (SVR) mortgage

When your fixed deal rate ends, you will normally be moved on to your mortgage provider’s SVR. This may be higher or lower than what you were paying before but it may go up or down, so you will no longer have the security of a fixed rate.

If you are currently on a SVR, you may be able to save money by moving to a fixed deal. A move to a fixed deal can also help you to manage your monthly household bills as you will know exactly how much your mortgage payments will be for the fixed period.

You think that a better rate may be available

Even if you have a while left to run on your fixed rate then it may still be worth considering switching. The savings can be considerable, especially if you have a large existing mortgage. Also some mortgage lenders have reduced or removed fixed rate penalties. Our expert advisers can help you to work out whether switching is a good option for you.

Your property has significantly increased in value

If you have owned your property for a while and there has been an uplift in the property value then there could be savings for you. If the current value of your home means that you are now in a different loan to value (LTV) bracket then it may be possible to get a lower rate of interest and reduce your monthly mortgage payments. The better your LTV then the better interest rate you will get.

You need more flexibility

Sometimes the mortgage you chose when buying your property no longer meets your needs. It may be that your personal circumstances have changed and you would like a mortgage with the flexibility to allow you to take an occasional payment break. Or you may want to make a regular overpayment so that you can pay off your mortgage earlier, but your current mortgage lender does not have this flexibility. There are lots of different flexible mortgages out there which might suit you.

You need to release equity from your home

If you have enough equity in your home, you may be able to remortgage it to release some equity to provide you with a lump sum for home improvements. For example, to redecorate or remodel your home, or build an extension. A remortgage can be a cost effective way to finance the home improvements you need in an affordable way

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Remortgage Calculator Help

Our remortgage calculator is designed to help you assess the financial benefits and implications of switching your mortgage to a new deal. Whether you’re looking to secure a better interest rate or wish to borrow more money against your home, this tool will help our advisers guide you through understanding what’s available based on your current mortgage situation. To help us assess your new mortgage options, you need to provide information regarding when your fixed rate ends, your name, email address, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Primary Benefits of Remortgaging My Property in Ireland?

Remortgaging offers several benefits, primarily aimed at reducing your financial burden. The primary benefit of remortgaging is securing a lower interest rate, which can substantially decrease your monthly repayments and overall interest paid over the life of the mortgage. 

Additionally, remortgaging can provide the flexibility to adjust the terms of your mortgage to better suit your current financial situation, such as changing the mortgage term or switching between fixed and variable rates. If your home has increased in value, remortgaging also allows you to move to a better loan-to-value bracket, which can qualify you for lower rates.

When Should I Consider Switching Mortgage Providers in Ireland?

The ideal time to consider switching your mortgage provider is before your current fixed-rate deal expires, generally 3-6 months in advance. This window allows you sufficient time to explore the best available options and secure a new deal without rushing. 

Additionally, if you notice that your property value has significantly increased or if you’re currently on a standard variable rate (SVR) and the market offers lower rates, these are opportune moments to think about switching. Switching providers could also be beneficial if your personal financial circumstances have changed and you’re looking for more flexible mortgage terms.

What Costs Should I Consider Before Deciding to Remortgage?

The decision to remortgage should be weighed against several potential costs. These include early repayment charges from your current lender, especially if you are in the middle of a fixed-rate term. Legal, valuation, and potential arrangement fees with the new lender might also apply. 

Additionally, if you are consolidating debts through remortgaging, consider the long-term implications of extending short-term debts over the period of a mortgage. Always calculate these costs to ensure that remortgaging will be financially beneficial in the long term.

How Can Remortgaging Help Me Fund Home Improvements?

Remortgaging to release equity from your home can be an effective way to raise funds for home improvements. If the value of your property has increased since you took out your original mortgage, you may have built up substantial equity. By remortgaging for a higher amount than your current mortgage balance, you can release this equity and receive a lump sum. 

This approach can be more cost-effective than other types of borrowing, such as personal loans or using credit cards, as mortgage rates are generally lower. However, it’s essential to ensure that the value added by the improvements will justify the increased debt.

What Should I Look for in a New Mortgage Deal When Considering Switching Mortgage Providers in Ireland?

When looking for a new mortgage deal, focus on finding a rate that is lower than your current one to ensure savings on your monthly payments. Consider the type of rate (fixed or variable) and the term of the rate (how long it will last) based on your financial stability and risk tolerance. Also, look for a mortgage with features that match your needs, such as the ability to make overpayments or take payment holidays. 

Additionally, check for any incentives, like cashback offers or fee waivers, that can provide added value. Lastly, consult with our mortgage advisers, who can offer personalized advice and help you consider the various options based on your specific circumstances. Contact us today!