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Our Polish Mortgage Brokers are here to help and guide
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Established in 2004, MortgageLine is your trusted partner when it comes to securing a mortgage. Our dedicated team of expert Financial Advisers are committed to simplifying the mortgage application process. Whether it’s your first mortgage and or if English is not your primary language, navigating mortgage rates and lender criteria in Ireland can be challenging at the best of times.

That’s why MortgageLine is here to assist you every step of the way. We have Polish-speaking Financial Advisers and support staff here to guide you through your mortgage journey. We will ensure that every aspect of your new mortgage is explained to your satisfaction.

At MortgageLine, we collaborate with all the major Irish Mortgage lenders and additionally guarantee you the best advice and tailored solutions for your unique circumstances. If you’re seeking a reliable Polish Mortgage Broker, look no further than MortgageLine.

Mówimy w Twoim języku

MortgageLine powstała w 2004 roku, aby maksymalnie ułatwić proces ubiegania się o kredyt hipoteczny. Mamy zespół doświadczonych Doradców Finansowych, którzy pomogą Ci na każdym etapie.

Rozumiemy, że kredyty hipoteczne mogą być skomplikowane, zwłaszcza jeśli Twoim pierwszym językiem nie jest angielski. W Irlandii istnieje wiele różnych rodzajów oprocentowania kredytów hipotecznych i kryteriów kredytodawców hipotecznych, które należy wziąć pod uwagę.

Polskojęzyczni doradcy finansowi i zespół MortgageLine z przyjemnością pomogą Ci w podróży do kredytu hipotecznego i upewnią się, że wszystko zostanie wyjaśnione w sposób satysfakcjonujący.

MortgageLine współpracuje ze wszystkimi głównymi irlandzkimi pożyczkodawcami hipotecznymi i zapewni, że otrzymasz właściwą poradę i najlepszą opcję w Twojej sytuacji.

Jan Pawel Wejs is a Financial Broker with MortgageLine and specialises in Mortgages and Protection.

Jan Pawel Wejs

Meet Jan Pawel Wejs, a highly skilled Polish speaking Mortgage Adviser at MortgageLine. With a sharp focus on mortgages, Jan is dedicated to helping you secure the best financial solutions. He’s actively pursuing his QFA Qualification and has already achieved excellence with his APA certifications in loans, life insurance, and financial regulations.

Jan’s passion extends beyond mortgages, as he’s deeply engrossed in the world of financial markets. He’s an alumnus of Atlantic Technological University, where he honed his expertise. Beyond his professional life, Jan enjoys enriching his knowledge through podcasts, immersing himself in good books, and embarking on exciting hikes with his loyal golden retriever companion, Kenny

Joanna Bialowas is the MortgageLine Operations and Compliance Manager.

Joanna Bialowas QFA

Joanna is the MortgageLine Operations and Compliance Manager. With great organisational skills and attention to detail she makes sure the office runs smoothly and everyone knows what to do. Joanna loves reading crime novels, travelling and as a keen music fan also loves attending concerts where she gets her groove on.


What Can We Do for You?

In simple terms, our work bridges the gap between individuals speaking the Irish language and banks. As your professional Polish mortgage advisor, we represent your interests in securing the most favourable deals. Initially, our focus is on understanding your unique needs and financial situation. We then use our experience to source the best offers, ensuring proper guidance throughout the mortgage approval process.

By choosing our mortgage brokers, you can access a wide range of mortgage options without the hassle of dealing with complex banking procedures or paperwork. Instead, our team of experienced brokers handles everything on your behalf.

Moreover, we don’t charge our clients directly for our advisory services. Instead, our fees are covered by the bank or lenders you select. You can rest assured that these fees don’t impact the cost of your mortgage. Furthermore, we stand as the best Polish mortgage broker in Ireland, and our experts are well-skilled in negotiations, often resulting in better terms, saving you both time and money while considering a mortgage.


Do I Need to Speak Fluent English to Secure a Mortgage with MortgageLine?

Absolutely not! Our team includes Polish-speaking Financial Advisers and support staff who are here to assist you in your native language. Whether you’re fluent in English or not, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your mortgage journey is explained clearly and comprehensively.

Can a Foreigner Get a Mortgage in Ireland?

Yes! If you’re legally living in Ireland, you can secure a mortgage here if you meet specific requirements. Being a legal resident makes you eligible for a mortgage in Ireland as long as you fulfil specific criteria.

How Long Does the Mortgage Approval Process Generally Take with MortgageLine?

The timeline for mortgage approval can vary depending on various factors, such as the complexity of your application and the responsiveness of lenders. However, our team works efficiently to streamline the process as much as possible, keeping you informed at every step.

Is It Difficult to Get a Mortgage in Ireland?

You can secure a mortgage in Ireland relatively quickly but be prepared for a series of thorough checks to confirm your financial capability. Your eligibility for getting a mortgage depends on your circumstances, which may vary from person to person.