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Avant Mortgage Switcher Offer 2024

On 25th May Avant Money announced a very attractive Mortgage Switcher offer.


Avant Money Mortgages now have a new and very attractive set of fixed rates on offer for Home Buyers and Switchers. Shorter term fixed rates start at 3.6% and longer term fixed rates up to 30 years start at 3.95%. These rates are very attractive to anyone currently on a variable or tracker rate and also for those coming off fixed rates.

They also have a €2,000 cashback offer which will cover your legal fees with some change to spare. This is a limited time offer however and with mortgage rates set to rise again soon you need to act fast.

Avant One Mortgage Rates decrease

For the first time in over a year Avant are the first mortgage lender to decrease some of its mortgage rates.

Those on variable and tracker mortgages have seen repayments soar as their mortgage rates have gone to over 4.5%. With more increases expected it is time to look at your mortgage options.

Fixing into one of Avants longer term fixed rates makes a lot of sense. Mortgage holders can reduce their repayments straight away and then also avoid future rate increases.

Avant are offering Value, Certainty and Flexibility

Value – New lower mortgage rates mean savings straight away

Certainty – Unique full term fixed mortgages offer certainty

Flexibility – Over pay your mortgage by up to 10% each calendar year without fixed rate penalty and portability for future home movers.

With the added bonus of €2,000 towards legal fees (subject to T&C), it makes this mortgage switcher offer very tempting for the many mortgage borrowers currently on high variable or tracker rates and also for those coming off fixed rates.

Apply Online today to see how a new Avant Money Mortgage can save you money today and also offer you security into the future.

Stephen Hamilton

Stephen Hamilton offers expert mortgage insights and solutions, empowering you to make informed financial decisions.