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Mortgage Advisor & Brokers
In Dublin, Ireland

For over two decades, our experienced team of mortgage brokers have been helping people all over Dublin and Ireland secure mortgages. We are committed to simplifying the entire mortgage process for you.

Streamine the management of your mortgage application – from beginning to end, all in one place. Our team of friendly and dedicated mortgage advisors are here to help you every step of the way.

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We’ve been helping people get mortgages for almost 20 years and have a team dedicated to making the whole process as easy as possible for you. Effortlessly manage the progress of your mortgage application – from beginning to end, all in one place. Our team of expert advisors are here to help you.

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Our Services

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Get Advice on Various Mortgage Rates

Green Mortgage Rate

This mortgage gives you a lower rate if your home saves energy. The lender checks this using the home’s Building Energy Rating (BER). If your home’s BER is B3 or better, you can get a Green mortgage rate, which means you pay less. You can ask our adviser about Green mortgage rates.

Fixed Mortgage Rate

A fixed rate mortgage keeps the interest rate the same for a specific period, so your monthly payment amount is always predictable. This makes financial planning simpler and helps you avoid any surprises from interest rate increases. Get expert advice on fixed mortgage rates with our professionals.

Variable Mortgage Rate

The interest rate on this type of mortgage can increase or decrease based on the mortgage lender’s Standard Variable Rate. Each lender sets their own variable rate, which generally changes in line with Market Conditions and Competition. For an estimate of how much the mortgage rate can vary and the merits of taking a variable rate, please contact a MortgageLine adviser.

our google customer reviews on mortgage broker and advisor services in Dublin Ireland

Review on Trustpilot

Marcin Trawinski
Marcin Trawinski
I would like to say THANK YOU to all mortgage line Team especially to Kevin Fitzharris for profesionalizm and support in buying my first home.
We are very impressed with the service provided by Billy Dore . Billy found a mortgage product with a competitive interest rate that suited our needs. His dedication and expertise were evident throughout. He also provided detailed instructions, chased the conveyancer, and kept us updated with clear timelines. They made the process swift and stress-free, which we needed. We highly recommend The Mortgage line for their outstanding service. Thank you, Billy Dore and the entire team.
Cristina Guja
Cristina Guja
So happy working with them, our broker was Mihaela Cordos , she is so talented and helps us with all queries, thank you 😊
Thank you so much to the MortgageLine team, and especially to Mayur, for facilitating the mortgage and other insurances for my house in Lucan. Mayur has been very patient and professional in answering my novice questions and he always made sure that I understood the details correctly. I wish all the best to you and your team.
Rohit Chanan
Rohit Chanan
Can’t thank enough. Mayur had been really helpful from start to end. Entire process got completed within 4-5 weeks time. At every step I had received a call from Mayur to go over the mortgage journey. It was worth every single penny spent and will be coming back should I need to switch the mortgage in the future. Thank you Mayur and Mortgage line for all your support!
Julien Lazare
Julien Lazare
Kevin and his team at Mortgage Line provide a service that is so good, I almost want to start another mortgage. Jokes aside, I highly recommend them to anyone looking for professional advice when applying for a mortgage.
Faith Kelly
Faith Kelly
I cannot recommend the team at mortgage line enough. Jan Pawel Wejs looked after me throughout my mortgage switching journey and he made the whole process so much easier and stress free. He is professional , friendly and highly efficient and will recommend him and the team to friends. Thank you Jan , keep up the super work!! Serena Keating
Guru vidhya
Guru vidhya
Jan Pawel from mortgaeline really helped us to buy our new house in a smooth way which I never imagined would happen. Thank you Jan we had very good and positive experience throughout the process. My best wishes for you and your whole team.
Stephen Madigan
Stephen Madigan
I have been a client of mortgageline for the past couple of years since I was going buying a house to starting a self build The staff are very friendly and respond quickly to any questions I was able to get AIP quickly for all mortgages The only negative thing I can say is that the self build mortgage took around 6 months to reach the loan offer stage and I am still unsure where the source of the delay is… Apart from the is hiccup I got the highest mortgage possible as a single person and was given mostly good advice throughout
ayeecha naseem
ayeecha naseem
Mortgage line is for sure better than 5 star service. It would be hard for anyone to believe that from application submission to approval it took me 8 working days in total all due to continuing efforts of Kevin. He’s Definitely one person I would remember always for making my 1st home mortgage approved all according to my plans. Thanks a lot, it’s highly appreciated and recommend.

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What People Ask About Our Services?

Our clients frequently ask us various questions. Some of them are listed below:

Why Should I Consider Using MortgageLine as My Mortgage Broker in Dublin?

At MortgageLine, we offer you access to various banks and mortgage lenders, ensuring you can compare options, rates, and terms efficiently. Our team of experts guides you through the complex mortgage procedures, providing personalised service tailored to your financial situation. This not only saves you time but often results in better rates and more favourable terms due to our access to exclusive deals. As the best mortgage broker in Dublin (as voted at, we are also known for our services for first time buyers, remortgages, and many others.

How Does MortgageLine Assist Me During the Home Moving Process?

We understand that moving homes is a significant transition, and managing your mortgage should be the least of your worries. As the most trusted mortgage advisor in Dublin, we help you whether you want to transfer your existing mortgage or need to find a new one that better suits your new circumstances. You can also contact us to discuss your borrowing capacity and begin your application through our secure online portal. 

Once you’ve secured your deposit and provided all necessary information, we’ll recommend the best mortgage lender for you and proceed with the application. If approved, you’re set to start house hunting, with most approvals remaining valid for up to six months and extendable for up to a year. After finding the right property, we will help finalise your application and secure a Formal Loan Offer, which your solicitor will need to proceed.

I Am a First Time Buyer. Can You Tell Me About the Eligibility Criteria for the First Home Equity Scheme?

The First Home Equity Scheme offers the following key guidelines and requirements:

  • Applicants must be first-time buyers over 18 and must secure mortgage approval from a participating lender. 
  • The scheme requires a minimum equity share of either 2.5% or €10,000 of the property’s purchase price, whichever is less.
  • The maximum funding provided by the scheme can be up to 30% of the property’s purchase price.
  • Participants can combine the First Home Equity Scheme with the Help to Buy scheme. When both schemes are used, the maximum equity stake that the First Home Equity Scheme will take is capped at 20%.

What Are the Ways to Prove My Income to Secure a Self-Employed Mortgage?

Here are several ways to substantiate your income according to guidance from MortgageLine:

  • If self employed, you must provide detailed accounts to show your financial stability and income sources like profits and dividends.
  • Submit business and personal bank statements to demonstrate your income and spending patterns.
  • An employer letter and recent payslips can serve as direct evidence of income for those drawing a regular salary from a company. Even if you’re a sole trader without formal payslips, other documents can still outline your income streams.
  • You must have a Revenue Notice of Assessment document that reveals your yearly net profit before tax, which is crucial for loan affordability checks.
  • An official letter from your accountant confirming that your tax affairs are up-to-date can also support your mortgage application by providing assurances about your financial compliance and status.

It’s crucial to work with our mortgage brokers in Ireland, who understand the complexities of self-employed incomes.

What Should I Consider Before Remortgaging?

Before remortgaging, consider the following key factors:

  • Check for early repayment charges on your current mortgage, particularly within a fixed-rate period. These fees can be substantial.
  • Understand that increasing your loan amount to release equity (e.g., for home improvements) will raise your monthly payments. However, these improvements also increase your property value and improve your loan-to-value ratio, potentially leading to better interest rates.
  • Seek flexible mortgages, like payment holidays or the option to make overpayments. This is particularly useful if your financial situation changes or your fixed-rate term ends.

As one of the best mortgage brokers in Ireland, we can help you deal with these considerations effectively.

Will I Need a Solicitor?

When purchasing a new property or remortgaging an existing one, it’s essential to deal with the legal complexities involved. This process, known as conveyancing, requires the expertise of a solicitor who will handle all legal aspects. Your solicitor will receive a loan offer and a legal pack from your mortgage lender. Once everything is in order, they will proceed to request and draw down the mortgage funds on your behalf. If you’re in need of a reliable solicitor in your area, don’t hesitate to ask your MortgageLine Adviser for recommendations.

How Long Does It Take to Get Mortgage Approval?

Securing a mortgage approval generally begins with your phone call to our mortgage adviser, who can provide a preliminary estimate of your approval timeline. Generally, it takes about 10 days to confirm formal approval, but this can vary based on your specific circumstances and the details of your application. Once your application is submitted, we gain a clearer understanding of the time required for formal approval. Different mortgage lenders have varying processing times, with initial approvals ranging from 5 to 20 working days, depending on which lender we approach.