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New lower mortgage rates from Avant Money – Press Release 02/12/2022

Avant Money announces mortgage rate cuts and extended locations

·    Fixed rates reduced by up to 0.30%.

·    Follow-on variable rates reduced by up to 0.55%.

·    Location coverage extended to include homes across Ireland.

·    Avant Money continues to offer the best value mortgages in Ireland.1

December 2nd: Avant Money has announced a series of mortgage price reductions today, further reinforcing its position as Ireland’s best value lender and offering real savings to Irish consumers.1

Fixed rates have been reduced by up to 0.30%, complemented by lower follow-on variable rates starting from 2.0%, which means the lender now offers the lowest rates (APRCs) in Ireland.2

The new rates will appeal to first time buyers who typically require a higher loan to value mortgage. Avant Money is offering a 3-year fixed rate of 2.20% at 90% loan to value, which is 0.15% lower than the next best offer in the market.2 Combined with a lower follow-on variable rate, customers will benefit from lower monthly repayments and save thousands over the life of their mortgage.3

For switchers, there can be real savings to be made by choosing a new mortgage provider. For example, switchers needing a mortgage of €250,000 over 20 years with a 70% loan to value could save up to €56,070 over the life of their mortgage with the new lower 3-year fixed rate.

Today’s rate reductions from Avant Money will provide an additional incentive to switch and save for customers of both KBC and Ulster Bank, who may be considering their mortgage options in the coming months.

Avant Money has also announced that it is extending its lending locations to include all counties by expanding its network of preferred brokers.

Brian Lande, Head of Mortgages for Avant Money, said:

“Avant Money entered the mortgage market with a mission to bring lower mortgage interest rates, innovative new products and long-term value giving real savings over the life of a mortgage.

I am delighted that these latest rate reductions mean we now offer even better value mortgages to our customers.

Our products are now available to customers throughout Ireland as we expand the range of locations that we serve and appoint new brokers to service all counties. The advice and guidance provided by our panel of mortgage brokers is particularly valuable to consumers who wish to compare their full range of options in the market.”

The new Avant Money mortgage rates and lending locations will be available from December 9th via its mortgage broker panel. For more information or to begin your mortgage journey, go to

Note 1: Claims relating to Ireland’s best value mortgages and offering real savings are based on Avant Money fixed rate mortgage products having the lowest indicative APRC for the full term in each loan to value bracket, by reference to as of 1st December 2021.

Note 2: Claims relating to Ireland’s lowest rates and competitor rate comparisons are based on a review of all mortgage lenders per as of 1st December 2021. Follow-on variable rates available to existing customers only after fixed rate period expiry. Follow-on variable rates quoted are subject to change and may be determined by prevailing market conditions at the time of fixed rate period expiry.

Note 3: Save thousands over the life of your mortgage based on a customer taking a 10-year fixed rate with Avant Money saving €29,259 in total over the life of their mortgage versus the next best mortgage provider. This calculation is based on a 25-year mortgage, a balance of €300,000 and a loan to value of 90%.

Avantcard DAC trading as Avant Money is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


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